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According to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Phishing, identity theft, remote access scam and ransomware and malware are included in the top 10 scams in 2016. Email is the second delivery method in which these scams reached the target victims.

In Phishing alone, $373 860 has been lost $79, 688 is lost via email with NSW being the most targeted area in Australia.

In Identity theft, Amount lost is $711 951 and $114, 978 is lost via email

According to Spam Laws, Spam accounts for 14.5 billion messages globally per day, making it 45% of all emails. Checking spam emails and thinking those are important reduce productivity which results to increase cost for the company.


These facts show how vulnerable emails can be.

With NEXIO Mail Security, we can help your company prevent possible losses

We do the following:

  • Check if incoming emails are clean, meaning it is virus-free and spam-free
  • Prevent unwanted files and email contents from reaching your clean inbox
  • Categorize emails based from your needs, we can put trusted emails in whitelist
  • Block unsafe emails and put in blacklist
  • Secure that all emails are free from any possible attacks

Antivirus Protection

Protect your inbox from virus attacks

Spam Protection

Protect your inbox from spam and unwanted e-mails

Phishing Protection

Protect yourself from phishing attacks

Why use NEXIO Mail Security?

  • We are using updated technology
  • Our dashboard is easy to use and can resolve issues using one tool
  • Affordable
  • We value your company time and help you reduce downtime
  • Helps increase employees’ work productivity
  • Boost your confidence that you are working in a secured email system