We aim to minimise your operational hassles while maximising your return on investment

Increase your business’ productivity by reducing time spent in maintaining and resolving IT infrastructure concerns.

Simplify IT infrastructure management and have a proactive and reliable IT solutions for your business needs.

Managed IT Services and solutions that allow your organisation to focus on its core business. More than 90% of businesses reduced their IT cost by at least 30% using Managed IT services.

It helps prevent bigger disasters through regular monitoring and reporting. Start with a low monthly fee for managed IT services. No more surprise costs.

Managed Business Continuity

Ensure business continuity despite cyber threats and unforeseen events affecting your hardware and software

Managed IT Security

Build strong information security for your company data, communications and infrastructure


Strengthen mail security and ensure mail continuity for better communciation with your clients and partners

Managed Workstations

Increase productivity by keeping your workstation system updated to avoid system failure

Managed Servers

Safeguard your server to maintain optimal functionalities of your computer system and software

Managed Networks

Proactively monitor your networks to avoid business operations interruptions and give your business more flexibility

Managed Backup

Guarantee your business data security with dependable backup system suitable for your business needs

Managed Vendors

Have informed decision-making capabilities by managing your business resources for smooth business operations

Managed Mobile

Work securely from anywhere and anytime you have to without the risks of cyber threats and data loss


According to research, more than 90% of businesses reduced their IT expenditures by at least 30% by using Managed IT Services.

Focus on your core business needs and increase your business productivity by reducing time spent on maintaining and resolving IT infrastructure concerns.

Get a sophisticated, proactive and reliable IT management system suitable for your business. It helps you precvent bigger disasters with minimal costs.

NEXIO Managed Services secure and optimize your network, applications and infrastructure so you can compete at the speed of business.