Suitable for your business’ internal and external communication needs –secured and real-time connection.

NEXIO Messenger Features

It allows you to:

  • communicate securely in real time
  • chat with colleagues in just few clicks
  • encrypt conversation
  • see chat history
  • alert other users for immediate attention
  • start a conference
  • join a conference
  • broadcast message/ announcement
  • add contacts
  • see contact list


  • create different groups according to your needs
  • transfer files securely
  • send screenshots easily
  • control availability by putting status
  • create and view notes
  • customise appearance
  • alerts when message arrives, sent, someone goes online and invitation is received
  • it supports different languages

and the best part is you can have this as your own messaging system and have your company logo set in it

Lightweight GUI

Lightweight Graphical User Interface that will run fast on any computer

Multi-User Chat Support

Chat with multiple-users at a single time easy and fast with tab-switch mode.

File Transfer

Transfer files during chatting fast and secure.

Multiple Skins Option

Not limited to a single theme.

Snapshot display

Sudden snapshot make sharing information easier and faster.


NEXIO Messenger gives you a sophisticated and efficient way of communication. It helps you minimize your costs and increase productivity.

If you have questions, send us a message.